Falling Off the Wagon

I had been doing a really good job on the “no sugar, no refined carbs” diet plan as recommended by my endocrinologist. And then Friday it all went to hell. I was unprepared for the sequence of events that threw me off the plan, which is good because I can troubleshoot this going forward.

Sequence of terribleness:

  1. One of my friends unexpectedly dropped by and outright refused my attempts to feed her, meaning I could not eat either. She left as I left to get the kids from school.
  2. I had to leave earlier than anticipated because the older child–who was meant to stay at school for an after school even that would last until nearly bedtime–called with agonizing ear pain and needing pain medicine. I said, if it’s that bad, let’s just take you to the doctor. And that messed up the afternoon.
  3. I had to return a few things to Walmart and get some things for the planned trip to the in-laws on Saturday, AND go to the Girl Shop store for supplies that we have run out of time to avoid purchasing.
  4. The husband ALSO didn’t get home until after dinner, eating out, as a result of the doctor/pharmacy/school run for the older kid, which made making a full dinner for just the remaining child seem ridiculous.
  5. The baby was fussy and vomiting all afternoon.

Result: as I was wandering all over the greater part of the metro area, I finally snapped in starvation and stopped for fast food, where instead of getting something remotely on plan I got fries and a shake in addition to my grilled chicken sandwich.

Then I gave up and ordered pizza for the younger child, and she and I split pizza and cheese bread.

Ultimate result: Up 4.2 pounds the next day. That’s an unbelievable jump, right? That’s bound to come down a bit eventually, but yesterday when the big one got much sicker and needed to go back to the urgent care center immediately, I stress ate. Donuts. Cheese fries. Biscuits.

I didn’t even weigh myself today. I don’t want to know what I did to myself. All I can do now is stay on plan for a few days and then weigh myself again and see if I could balance it.

Lesson learned: I need portable, travel friendly snacks that can hold me over when I’m starving and a better way to handle extreme stress that does not include cheese fries.

(But seriously, have you had cheese fries? SO GOOD.)


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