Can I Get a Break, Please?

I’m a well documented whiner when I get sick. If I was appointed supreme ruler of the world, one of my first actions would be to authorize a morphine drip for minor illnesses because honestly, wouldn’t life be so much happier if you could just sleep through a cold or the flu?

(I would also mandate 4 way stop classes for all drivers because WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR EVERYONE?!)


Unfortunately, I am not the supreme ruler of the universe and I was not allowed a morphine IV for the past week, which is sad because I have some sort of nasty cold or similar virus.

I’m doing the best I can to keep going and do at least a decent chunk of my to do list, but it’s not been easy.

The worst appears to be over, but we had to do a road trip yesterday to the in-laws so they could see the baby in his Halloween costume, and I’m wiped today. I’m exhausted, the sore throat is back, the body aches are worse, the congestion is worse…I’m effectively back to where I was three days ago. Not fun.

Plus, we had road trip food while we were out so I don’t even want to know what is happening with the weight. Although for the first time since I got sick I made my steps, so that’s good.

I need a break. I need my luck to change and give me a nice solid run of no crisis so I can get it together. It’s like I have to try to get my life together with a much higher level of difficulty than necessary.



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