The End of Sugar

Lo, these many months ago, my endocrinologist told me to eliminate sugar and refined carbs from my diet. I started by making a single change a week until the entire diet was right, and I was almost completely sugar free when they scheduled the baby’s surgery and I decided to eat everything for six weeks.

I gained almost twelve pounds from the pre-surgery weight, and all told I was up about seventeen pounds from my lowest weight after the baby was born.

Added to this, I’m having a really bad depressive run. I’m sad all the time, and even playing with the baby doesn’t make me happy.

Last week, after ordering and eating an entire medium pizza on Tuesday (WHAT WAS I DOING?!) I decided it’s time to just commit to the no sugar concept. Fortunately the husband is willing to do it with me, which makes it a lot easier, and we changed up the planned meals for the days the older kids are home from their dad’s house to be plan-appropriate, so we’re moving now.

There was some immediate movement on the weight, and I’ve lost the weight that I gained from the pizza (although obviously part of that was almost certainly bloat or temporary weight) plus almost another two pounds.

The basic plan is: protein shake for breakfast, baked sweet potato fries for lunch, big salad with hard boiled egg and beans for dinner, and fruit, nuts and cheese for snacks.

I need to kick my water consumption up, I’m definitely not drinking enough water, and I think that will help.

Upcoming challenge: I’m going to be out of town visiting family for 6 days next week, for a party. I won’t be in control of what I have access to in the nature of food. We shall see what happens.

So far, I don’t feel a lot of withdrawal, and I’m not hungry or miserable. I may be feeling slightly less depressed, but it’s hard to say. Regardless, this is not as bad as I’d thought it would be. The key is definitely the husband’s buy in because it’s practically impossible to be committed to something as rough as no sugar and no refined carbs when there’s someone bringing danishes into the house.




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