Successful Travel, Mostly Successful Week

Last week I took the baby by myself halfway across the country. It was the baby’s first plane ride, and he did a really good job. No fussing or crying the entire time.

And we had a good week. He played with his slightly older cousin and met two of his aunts and *shudder* my mom. We had a good time at his cousin’s birthday party–our reason for coming–although I had an unfortunate experience with some wine.

I was mostly on the no sugar plan all week, except for the party. I had everything I wanted to at the party and again the next day as we were eating party leftovers. Despite that, I was down a pound this morning. I call that a real success.

We had some sad moments, though. I developed an allergic reaction to something on Friday and my eye swelled shut so I was taking massive quantities of benedryl. This was a contributing factor to the unfortunate wine incident because apparently it takes more than a couple of hours to clear 26 hours of heavy benedryl consumption from your system and heavy benedryl use and wine do NOT go well together. Consider yourselves warned.

I had to spend more than an hour listening to my mom try to tell me insane stories about everything she hadn’t been able to tell me since I cut her off. And that included a LOT of complaining about my sister. It takes some balls to sleep in a person’s house, with the blanket literally from their bed, and criticize them. But that’s how my mom rolls.

My biggest problem was with the baby, though. My sister and her husband kept talking about how small the baby was, how far behind he is on his physical milestones. First they tried to figure out why he was so far behind. Then, apparently realizing it was upsetting to me, they started to ostentatiously talk about how people are too concerned with the milestones and all babies get there eventually and it’s fine, everything’s fine.

But it definitely made me feel like my baby is a dud. It was already hard to see the baby in comparison with his older, very smart, literal model baby cousin. To see him and see people think he was lacking in and of himself was tremendously hard.

I am so tired. We got home very late last night, and I took my older daughter to her therapy appointment at her dad’s request, because he didn’t want to take the time or pay the copay, and then when I gave him a courtesy text to let him know we were almost to his job after the appointment but were stopping at a drive through because she was thirsty, he snarled at me that I didn’t have permission to do that, just bring her straight to him.

From there, I went to my friend’s house to dog sit. Essentially, I was up 23 hours straight last night, slept for 7, was awake for 2 hours at home and then left and didn’t get back for another 7 hours.

I’m back off the sugar now, and the cravings seem to be minimal. That’s a very big relief to me, I was concerned that I would be swamped by cravings.



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