Sugar Free is the BEST Thing

I am now on (I believe) week 4 of not having sugar or refined carbs. I’ve been largely compliant with it, with only a few exceptions for travel and other issues.

I’m down another 2 pounds since this time last week, which means that I’ve lost now just about 9 pounds in 4 weeks. And I am NOT hungry. I’m eating all the time. I still have my sweet tooth but it’s definitely decreasing all the time. I can have splenda and splenda-sweetened things so I’ve been having sugar free pudding for desserts. The Atkin’s branded desserts are also legal for me, but those suckers are expensive so I’m trying to avoid them.

Today, I broke and got a dollar burger and a value fry from a drive-through place and I didn’t even like them. I’ve lost my taste for them. So…yeah. That’s a thing. I would vastly have preferred to have something less greasy and gross in my mouth. I have to say, not wanting fast food would make this entire process easier and help offset the cost issues involved in buy real food  and meat, which we’ve been largely avoiding lately.

That’s about it. Everyone should be doing this. This is awesome. I eat oatmeal with splenda and berries and a splash of milk for breakfast, or a protein shake, I have a baked sweet potato for lunch, I have a burrito bowl or a big salad for dinner, and I have fruit, nuts, cheese and hard boiled eggs for snacks. I’m not counting calories or looking at serving sizes, I’m eating as much as I want of all those things.

Go get the Sugar Busters book, from Amazon or wherever, and start living like this. I’m not getting paid by them (obviously, there’s no affiliate link or anything here) but this is the first thing that’s worked for me. It takes some discipline but there ARE a few bread options available so you don’t have to give up on the bread entirely. I haven’t needed them, but if I ever feel like I do, I know it’s there for me.



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