Why You Should Never Cheat on Your Diet

I’ve been doing the Sugar Busters diet for nearly two months now, and I’ve had a lot of success. I’m losing weight easily and rapidly without pain or suffering, my mood is more stable, and I feel better overall.

But last week, I got sick, really sick. I was running a high fever all day on Monday, a fever that was not contained by constant doses of dayquil. After that, the fever abated, but I was still sick. The congestion passed by Wednesday, and by Thursday morning I felt much better. But Thursday I was scheduled to run errands all day long, and I didn’t pack enough food and stopped and got some fried chicken on the way home.

I was up a pound after that.

It also set me back on the recovery, and by Thursday night I had a migraine and the bone deep exhaustion was back.

Friday I had to be out of the house all day although not running around, and it was really hard on both me and the baby. And then Saturday the baby had his first swim lesson (paid for by his great-grandmother) and then we had committed to helping our friends with some home improvement stuff in exchange for dinner, which turned out to be deep dish pizza, also known as the farthest thing from acceptable on the diet.

Yesterday I was, understandably, drained. The fever was back, the headache was back, the bone deep exhaustion was back, and I threw caution to the winds and ordered more pizza.

This, unsurprisingly, did not help.

What I’ve learned here is that not only does going off the diet result in an immediate change in the weight (I’m too afraid to weigh myself this morning) but also makes me feel terrible. I added nausea and bloating to the list of my symptoms as my punishment for the pizza. It was awful.

I’m back on the wagon today, and I have additional reasons to stay focused on the plan. I don’t want to feel that kind of nausea and bloat again if I can at all avoid it.

I need to find another way to handle the stress and sickness, because my life is getting harder instead of easier.

I’m pretty sure I’m developing “mommy’s thumb” which is an inflammation of the tendons that run from your thumb to your wrist. Both my thumbs hurt all the time, the left more than the right, and I know what I’m doing to cause it, one of my favorite things to do with the baby is to hold him over my head, and when I do that now, the pain is excruciating. My sister had this, and is going to send me the brace that you need to fix it, so I just need to hold on for a few more days. In the interim, I’m taping my thumbs with sports tape, which is slightly tricky. I’m getting pretty good at it by now, though.

Also, the husband is doing his first business trip in years, part of a new aspect of his job that is likely to result in a substantial raise in the near future. I’m going to be alone with the baby for the first time for this week, and that includes the dreaded mid-week day with the older children, which requires me to drive half an hour, pick up one, wait two hours, pick up the other, achieve and produce food and complete homework, get the little one changed and ready and go to gymnastics class.

Added level of difficulty: I’ve been puppy sitting for my friend on a regular basis and it’s becoming very intrusive. I like her a lot, and I like the puppy, but there’s no question that it’s getting troublesome. Initially the reason for the puppy sitting was because she had a standing therapy appointment and a tutoring job, neither of which the dog was allowed to participate in, and he had just started potty training and crate training and wasn’t ready to be left for more than an hour.

However, it has now been two months. The dog is now receiving private in home training classes every week, is going outside to go to the bathroom with minimal accidents, and is now closing in on four months old. When *our* dog was four months old, we started crating her because she was destroying the house when we left, but we did crate her. It would have been insanity for me to try to get someone to come sit with her every time I needed to go to the store or something.

And yet, I’m still on the hook for sitting with the dog because he cries when she crates him and she can’t handle it. Note that *I* crate him for several minutes at a time when I’m dog-sitting and he does not cry, but she’s sure that he’s just completely mentally destroyed by the crate and isn’t ready.

Which is why, even though I was running a fever, I went to her house on Monday, only to find that her tutoring session had been canceled and she forgot to tell me. And I’ll be there again today. And I was there for 10 hours on Friday because she had a babysitting job. And I’ll be there tomorrow evening because she again has a babysitting job. And Wednesday morning for her therapy session. I AM SPENDING SO MUCH TIME THERE. Which wouldn’t be a problem, if it wasn’t for the fact that the dog licks the baby’s face and steals his pacifier and toys, and the baby pulls the dog’s fur. The dog is getting big enough to get onto the bed without help, and once he does I’ll have to start bringing the playpen and setting that up in addition to bottles and diapers and every other thing. It puts the baby off his schedule, it hampers our ability to do floor time and tummy time, which he DESPERATELY needs because he’s still behind on his milestones, and it makes staying on the diet even trickier because I have to pack everything I need.


This is why I don’t have more friends. It always ends up being so annoying.




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