Finding Life’s Purpose

For years I’ve been looking for an overwhelming theme for my life, a purpose. Years ago, I had a therapist tell me that people who felt like they have a life mission recover faster from depression and have less relapses. I wanted one. I read every life mission and life purpose statement I could find. None of them felt right.

Last week, I was working on another version of streamlining my life when it suddenly came to me, the theme of my life. It’s understanding. What do I love to do? I read a lot, I listen to podcasts, I read a bunch of blogs. I read to my kids, I deplore the lack of depth in their educations and try to fix it through supplemental reading, and that’s the entire push behind the idea to homeschool the new little one.

It’s the same with people. When I meet them, I want to know their story. It’s the writer in me, I think, but I see people and I think, how did you become a hipster therapist? How did you become yogi acupuncturist? Why do you go to religious services 6 days a week? I really want to know the answers. It’s not judgmental at all–hipster or holy man, it doesn’t matter to me–I just want to know. What was the story? What path brought you here?

I look at my own life. The path has been long and meandering and has covered several states. But I’m in a good place now. I’m managing my anxiety and my depression, I have the baby, I have my girls as much as I legally can at the moment, and now I know what the cornerstone of my life is. It’s all about understanding. Understanding people, understanding the world, understanding everything.

It’s nice when things finally come together after years of trying to force it. Don’t worry if you haven’t found yours. It’ll come when you are ready for it.

Love and blessings and light to you all. I am feeling particularly open hearted to the world at the moment. Love love.