The italicized ones we’re actively making payments on. The federal loans are at a zero payment plan as we speak because I’m on income based repayments but next year I show up on the husband’s tax return and that will come back online. The goal is to pay the private student loans off before that happens so our monthly payments look the same.

This makes me sad.

My debts:

Private student loan 1: 2884.30 (5% interest)

Private student loan 2: 3577.27 (5% interest)

Federal student loan 1: 20,969.78 (3.5% interest)

Federal student loan 2: 15,129.03 (3.5% interest)

Capital One credit card: 242.12 ( I can’t find the interest rate on my app, and I don’t get a physical bill)

Therapist past due balance: 180.00

Sister: 25000.00

Synagogue past due: 100.00

Library: 111.00

My credit report has a bunch of other stuff I have no knowledge of, to the tune of an extra $6778.00. Well, most of that I have no knowledge of. The big one is in the 2500 neighborhood and I know about that and am disputing it.

My total debt: 74971.50

My husband’s debts: BoA loan: 15,494.04 (7.34% interest)

Discover 1: 17574.27 (16.99% interest)

Discover 2: 1049.88 (I can’t find the interest rate on this one and this is the only number that might be out of date.)

Mortgage (assuming that the amortization schedule is right, which I have no reason to doubt): 125125.41

His total debt: 159243.60

Grand total: 234215.10


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