Home Supplies We Need

I feel like it would be easier to list the things that don’t need to be replaced.

1) New slipcovers. We have Ikea sofas which I love but the slipcovers are destroyed.

2) New coffee table. We’re using a toy chest at the moment. Maybe a matching end table, too? A girl can dream.

3) New TV stand. The current one is too short. We’re all looking downwards every time we watch TV. It’s not good.

4) New kitchen table/chairs. All the chairs have broken at least once and are living in a state of perpetual fear and repair. The table isn’t doing much better.

5) Lofts for both of the kid’s rooms. The rooms are TINY. Lofting the beds would allow them to play.

6) More shelving for the kid’s rooms. We made quasi-wardrobes outside their closets to give them storage space for their toys but without shelves it’s a bit pointless.

7) Cars! I wasn’t sure which list to put them on. We need two. We need to replace the one that’s dead with a car that is child and dog friendly and we need a second car so the husband can go to work without having to participate in the school run out to the suburbs which is miserable. They don’t have to be new but I don’t want more old, run down, doomed to imminent failure cars.


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