Structural House Things We Need

1) New floors. Everyone here has allergies and pets so we pulled up all the carpet and painted and sealed the concrete. Except in the hall bathroom where we pulled up the floor for a remodel that has stalled. And now the dog has decided that she’d like to remove the top of the laminate wood floors in the living room. The less said about the green linoleum in the kitchen, the better. We’re going to get that tile that looks like wood. It’s 2.39 for a single piece that measures 6 inches by 24 inches. At about 1300 square feet total, I’m estimating this at $3500.00.

2) New oven. The door keeps coming off. I can’t even describe what it’s like to try to bake/cook/LIVE with an oven that periodically loses its door. Maybe $500.00?

3) New dishwasher. It’s a piece of crap. There’s just no other way to describe my relationship with this piece of machinery. Same basic price, I think? $500.00?

4) Finish the bathroom remodel. The biggest cost is going to be the shower doors. I’m estimating we can finish it for around $800.00.

5) Termite prevention. I have no idea what this costs but clearly we should have done it forever ago.

6) Tree trimming. We have a massive oak tree in the front yard. It’s hanging onto the roof. When we got the house inspected before we bought it the inspector was really clear that this is a terrible life choice. I have no idea what this costs, either.


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